Europe´s leading independent salt distributor has been trading salt since 1830

Our long experience and deep knowledge of salt are put to use in our three business areas; De-Icing Solutions, Retail and Foods (Falksalt) and Agro/Industri/Water. Our offices in Sweden (HQ), UK, Germany, Poland and China employ more than 100. We are ISO 9001 and 14001 certified. 

Our focus on product development, great quality and a high level of delivery dependability has given Falksalt a 65% market share in the Swedish consumer market and our sea salt flakes are now sold in more than 20 countries.

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Swedish quality, Cypriot craftsmanship

We own our own production plant in Cyprus and all sea salt flakes are produced in the old fashioned traditional way from Mediterranean sea water. In a dust-free environment, experienced salt makers heat up the sea water and let it evaporate until the delicate pyramid shaped crystal flakes appear. The salt is then harvested, dried, sieved and finally packed, all by hand.
Greatest salt grinder is at your fingertips

The flaky texture and excellent crunch make our gourmet sea salt flakes ideal for finishing any meal. To get the most delicious taste, great aroma and appealing look, we have infused our flakes with all natural additives and spices. In addition, by using sea salt flakes you encourage the reduction of salt in the cooking process, thereby decreasing overall salt intake, thus benefiting your health.
Your local Falksalt partner

We are proud that our sea salt flakes are sold in supermarkets and gourmet shops worldwide, as well as being used by professional chefs. Don´t hesitate to email us at or contact your local partner if you want to buy or sell our products.