Lime product


A member of the citrus family, like the lemon, the lime is rarely used as a whole fruit. Instead, we use its unique characteristics to add flavor to food, either by using the peel or the juice of the fruit. Citrus fruits perform particularly well in baked goods as the acidity of the fruit counterbalances the sweetness of the dessert or pastry. As with saltiness, the tang of citrus can be used to cut through the sensation of sweetness. Few people are aware of the fact that the acidity of citrus fruits is the perfect antidote to a sauce that is too bitter or in dishes that include cabbage, which has an inherently pungent flavor. In other words, it has similar properties to salt and the salty flavor it imparts.

lime keylimeblondiesKey Lime Blondies: A white version of Brownies – Blondies – made with white chocolate and lime. Top them with Lime crystal flakes and graham cracker crumbs.
lime orange fetaOrange&Feta cheese platter: & Feta cheese platter is a fresh and colorful dish. The acidity of the citrus flavor is perfectly balanced with the salty cheese and sweet nuts.
lime friesFrench fries: French fries garnered with cilantro, paprika powder and Lime crystal flakes – Lebanese spicy!