Our story

Generations of salt passion

Napoleon just fell when two young men head out on a journey of discovery into the future.
It is new, and mostly, it is their own. They’ve braved the odds to start a salt shop in the harbor town of Gothenburg. Together, Fredrik and Jonas ship salt across the wide, rolling seas to their small city of Gothenburg where both city dwellers and farmers come to buy their sacks of salt.

Across the North Sea, another young man also heads out on his first journey of discovery. Herman Falk is just 18 years old when he leaves Germany to land on the English eastern coast. That’s where he gets a taste for salt and then becomes the largest exporter in Liverpool. But Mr. Falk has larger ideas. He quickly gains control of nearly all salt production in Britain.

Then one day, the little salt shop begins to do business with the huge salt producer in England while having no idea of the significance this will have. The shop was run as a family business for generations, but stood suddenly without heirs. That’s when the Hansson family took over, giving rise to a new tradition in the same spirit. You see, they’ve inherited their grandfather’s blood. He’s the one who shipped large cargoes of salt to the shop in Gothenburg on his three masted ship “The Magpie”.

And this goes on until one day something big happens. In 1928 they introduce the first table salt to Sweden, Falk’s Salt. This is imported from England, but soon they take over the entire brand, quickly making Falksalt a beloved favorite. Today, the fourth Hansson generation still runs Falksalt from Gothenburg, and with the same salty passion as always. We have continued our forebears’ journey of discovery, looking across the globe and into the future to inspire kitchen adventures. Always searching for the best from the sea, we add flavor to life.