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Fine & coarse grade salt for every need and situation. There is a perfect salt quality and grain size for every occasion.
Weather you prefer it 100% pure or enriched by iodine, you will find it in our collection.

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Lemon flavoured sea salt flakes


Natural sea salt flakes


Rosemary flavoured sea salt flakes


Smoke flavoured sea salt flakes

Wild Garlic

Wild garlic flavoured sea salt flakes

Wild Mushroom

Mushroom flavoured sea salt flakes

Mini Flakes

Mini sea salt flakes

Kosher Salt

Kosher rock salt coarse

Sea Salt Flakes With Iodine

Sea salt flakes, iodized

Himalayan Salt Flakes

Himalayan rock salt

Sea Salt With Less Sodium

An all-natural less-sodium Sea salt

Mediterranean Sea Salt

Mediterranean sea salt, coarse

Fine Grade, Iodized

Fine grade salt with iodine

Coarse Grade

Coarse grade salt